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The Association of Fiestas of Moors and Christians of Sant Blai is the entity that collects traditions from Bocairent derived from the patronage of San Blas, 1632; ensures their conservation, organizes, regulates and disciplines the Moors and Christians, who in honor of the Patron Saint of the Village, SAN BLAS, are held from 1st to 6th February of each year.

According to the Statutes, in compliance with the purposes specified in the preceding article, will undertake the following activities:


a) Organize and meet with appropriate splendor religious cults of the Feast of the Patron, an annual Mass in suffrage of the Associates festeros deceased, and another that matches the August 3, day of Panellet of the Association

b) Accompany in devout procession the image of the Holy Saint in the
events to take part, especially on the day of his feast.


Organize, regulate and discipline the Moors and Christians that every year are celebrated in honor of San Blas. Must be adapted where possible to tradition.


a) The completion of any such act or campaign cultural, social or exaltation civil-religious is approved in General Assembly or by the Board.

b) Address the historical study and preservation of local traditions, with the study of the origin and development, and what it means to foster the festive spirit.


For this purpose, the Board retains the relevant local parties for spreading the festive of its Associates.

L'Association of Fiestas of Moors and Christians is formed by partners who are the nine Filaes. The decision-making body is the General Assembly of the Association.