The Board

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According to the Statutes, the Association has the following assignments, apart from other ones specified in the articles of the Statutes:

  1. Designate the necessary commissions, including the collaboration of partners not included in the Board, in order to improve the running of the Board.
  2. Prepare sufficiently in advance the annual debits and credits budget to be passed by the General Assembly in November.
  3. Do annual inventory of the properties or effects of the Board and inform in the General Assembly of the previous tax year settlement.
  4. Propose to the General Assembly the means to raise funds.Publish on the notice board, the summary of the annual treasury state.
  5. Publish on the notice board, the summary of the annual treasury state.
  6. Manage all the services, choosing always the best way to do it.
  7. Different committee will be formed to arrange and organize different events which are considered necessary to reach the aims of the Association. The order and development of the filaes during the festivities will be taken into special consideration.
  8. Present to the General Assembly the necessary modifications made in the current Statutes.
  9. Solve any unexpected or urgent inconvenience through immediately prior announcement of the Board.


saladejuntesCurrently, the Board is formed by:

  • President: Vicente Silvestre Silvestre (Moros vells)
  • Vice-president: Blas Silvestre Pérez (Terç de Suavos)
  • Secretary: Gemma Molina Puerto (Terç de Suavos)
  • Vice-secretary: Maria Colomer Beneyto (Estudiants)
  • Treasurer: Rafael Espinós Vañó (Granaders)
  • Vice-treasurer: Juli Beneyto Castello (Contrabandistes)
  • Festivities Councilor: Mª Luz Pascual Soler
  • Religious Consultancy: Ángel M. Olivares Alís
  • Religious Consultancy (substitute): Juan Molina Martínez
  • Sergeant: Vicente Vañó Vañó
  • Web & press: Jairo Vañó Reig(Contrabandistes)
  • Chronicler: Jairo Vañó Reig(Contrabandistes)
  • UNDEF spokesperson: Juan Santonja Colomer (Moros marins)
  • Music Advisor: Juan Santonja Colomer (Moros marins)
  • Archivist: Blas Molina Molina (Granaders)
  • Protocol Advisor: Juan Molina Martínez (Mosqueters)

Festivities Committee

  • Coordinació: Àngela Molina Botella (Granaders)
  • Adriana  Llobregat Molina (Moros Marins)
  • Inma Reig Molina (Contrabandistes)
  • Manolo Bernat Belda (Moros vells)
  • Antonio Puerto Peidro (Marrocs)
  • Blas Silvestre Pérez (Terç de Suavos)

Culture Committee

  • Coordinator: Toni Molina Puerto (Espanyoletos)
  • Maria Àngels Asensio Baldó (Marrocs)
  • Inma Ferre Puerto (Granaders)
  • Vicente Beneyto Juan (Estudiants)
  • Angel Doménech Beneyto (Moros vells)

Program Committee

  • Coordinator: Matilde Ferre Sanvictor (Mosqueters)
  • Fran Doménech Doménech (Espanyoletos)
  • Juli Beneyto Castello (Contrabandistes)
  • Maria Colomer Beneyto (Estudiants)
  • Lluís Beneyto Galiana (Mosqueters)
  • Juan Santonja Colomer (Moros Marins)