Festival Museum

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Museum for a Fiesta with a history

histo_filaesThe festival of Moors and Christians is consubstantial part of village life. That's why in 2003 the museum opened Festive, which collects the history and customs of a festival that dates back to mid-nineteenth century, but has roots in earlier times.

The new way filaes: Espanyolet, Granaders, Contrabandistes, tert soft, Estudiants, Moros Vells, Marrocs, Moros Marinos i Mosqueters. Filaes Each has its graphic representation in the Festive Museum with photographs, illustrations, a dummy with the typical dress of the row, i gun a personal detail that characterizes them.

In the information boards set out the history and traditions highlights. In the museum there is also a reproduction of the script of San Blas, important paintings of Joaquin Sorolla, which is kept in the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption is a landmark standard for bocairentinos.

The sample of two local painters, Blas Antonio Ferri Silvestre i Jornet Martin, in his role on the Moors and Christians, illustrate the artistic culture and painting as well as scores of festive music, born and exproceso created to accompany events festive.