Festive Events

caixes1st Day (Friday): Nit de Caixes (Night of the Drums)

The day November 6, 1632 the people of Bocairent, grateful for the healing of the epidemic suffering, getting under the devotion of San Blas, was proclaimed Patron of the town. That night was made public proclamation of his patronage to blows cash joyfully through the streets.

The happy anniversary is revived every year in mid-afternoon the first Friday of February, after the evening Angelus and the first "Vitol at Patró Sant Blai" from the very gates of City Hall, for going on with the parade of lanterns and the beating of the drums.


entrada2nd Day (Saturday): Dia de l'Entrada (Parade Day)

From the first third of the twentieth century, the acts of the party start the morning with risinbg of flags, singing the Bocairent Anthem and presentation of the music bands that will follows the filaes along the "Fiesta"

In the afternoon, the memory of the Aragonese troops of King James I, under the leading of the Knight Oriz, entered the town moor of Bekirent in 1245, returns to be realized to applause from the crowd.

The five Christian filaes and the four moors filaes blackberries parade through the streets with flags, banners, mounts and slaves, trappings of captains, the rhythm of lively music the first and the beating of drums and dulzainas.


santblai23rd Day (Sunday): St. Blai Day

Input fanfare gives way today to mysticism. Pattern is the day of fulfillment of the vow made by Bocairent four centuries ago.

After the morning Diana, at the solemn High Mass, people expect so excited about the sermon in praise of the patron, answering the "Vitol" which is the synthesis of the faith of a people. In the procession, especially at the entrance to San Blas in the Square and the Parish Church, this character will be of cheer apotheosis with the candle on top and "San Blas pattern Vítoles to" fill space.


embaixada4th Day (Monday): Moors and Christians

Today is the day of the war. The epic of the conquest and struggles are concentrated in the streets, up to the castle, with muskets and gun shots.

Once they calm down their arms, begins the subtle dialectic of ambassadors which is filled with a brilliant polemic. Sold words, the strength is disputed hand to hand, which fall into the hands of the Moors.

In the afternoon, with the opposite luck and the same shot guns, Christians, after brilliant parliaments, retrieve the castle forever.


santcrist5th Day (Tuesday): Day of the Holy Christ

After Target, variable schedule, go up to the chapel of the Holy Christ, once finished the Thanksgiving Mass, Ambassador Moro recite the "Dispossession of the Moor". This, by parting with his regal vestments, made public profession of faith and converted to the religion of Christ. At the exit, to celebrate and rest of the climb forces, is made the traditional lunch with bonfires.

On his return, he is forced over the parish church to kiss the relic of San Blas, ready for the faithful.
In the afternoon, after the "Te Deum" of thanksgiving, the change is made to the captains Band and cadets next year.