Filà de Granaders




FOUNDED: Before 1860
MASET: Baixada St. Crist

Jose Antonio Sanchis López




The Filá of Granaders back to the old soldiers and, more recently, the Company Grenadier Battalion Royalist Volunteers created in 1823. When the militia disappeared, its components are renamed Comparsa Vizcaino, until the 1850s that change Comparsa Grenadier, adopting the uniform of the Grenadiers of the Queen, who became the official dress until 1922 to decide modification. The year 1926 was used for the first time the actual dress, which has embroidered the image of San Blas.

He has served several times by senior captain, currently enjoying the privilege of carrying l February 3 Captain and Ensign's staff office.
Since 1874 the Filá has the honor of being the bearer of the image of our Patron San Blas in the procession of the day February 3rd.

The day of Moors and Christians, the Captain of the Granaders Guards fired at the center of the battle, next to the Staff Captain Christian Side.

The year 1983 marks the centenary of the flag of the line, replacing the old new one.

The Filá is responsible for the act of smuggling, the years he performed this act.

In 1985 he inaugurated the new pots, located in the descent of the Holy Christ. Other Masets have been on the street Cantereria since 1942 until 1971, he moved to the premises situated at Blasco Ibáñez.




President: José Puerto Úbeda
Vice President: Francisco Juan Cerdá Puig
Secretary: Joan Perigüell Sempere
Treasurer: Manuel Vañó Ferre
Vice Treasurer: Francisco Javier Francés Perigüell
Members of Central Board: Francisco Marco Molina and Ximo Carbonell Sirera
Maset: Emilio Martínez Martínez
Vocals: Manolita Beneyto Vañó, Inmaculada Ferre Puerto, Rafael Puerto Úbeda i Miguel Puerto Úbeda