Filà de Moros Vells



FOUNDED: Before 1859
MASET: Escalinata, 4

CAPTAIN 2013: 
Loli Úbeda Vicedo 





The age of the row could be from the seventeenth century, following the ancient Feast of the soldiery. There were three companies formed by Arcabuceros, Piquersa and Musketeers. Els used Piquersa Moriscos or Moors dress Old. But with the certesa can say that is prior to 1860 and one of the oldest.

Don Francisco Vañó Silvestre, chronicler and historian Bocairent, referring to this rank and his name in his book "Bocairente, Holidays to San Blas, Bishop and Martyr. Soldiery, Moors and Christians", says the line is inspired by the fact occurred in 1611 when he received the baptism of the Moors expelled from the 1609 and which were collected by bocairentinas family. These were named Moros Old or New Christians. For this reason, he says, is very true that this Comparsa do the "Booty" or conversion to Christianity of Captain Moro front of the image of Christ on Calvary. In 1860, when the squads are organized into two camps, this squad is on the side Moor.

When constitute as an Association in 1986, it was as Moros Old Row. Its primary purpose is to participate actively in the Moors and Christians Bocairent held in honor of their patron saint San Blas. Recently, during the adaptation of its statutes, the present name was established.

Regarding consistency, it seems, is the eighteenth-century Turkish dress. Have you had a few variations throughout history. Only in 1972 was modified turban and changed the blanket by the hijab.





The local Maset or social, is located on the street Staircase, No. 4. Formerly it was supposed to instead of having a stable local wounded going from house to house to house to go through the master, which would make maset as indicated in a regulation of the filá of 1911. The first maset as such has news that Abbey was in the street (above the Taurine Peña). Then the filá is moved to the Alley (Cruise of the Descent of the Holy Christ). Around 1954 he moved to the house from the corner of the staircase. There, after the necessary extensions, was opened in 1970 maset former and current in 1992.



President: Isabel María Sanchis Puerto
Vice President: José Blas Llobregat Castelló
Secretary: José Manuel Jornet Llobregat
Vice Secretary: Xelo Pascual Esplugues
Treasurer: Maria Isabel Belda Molina
Member of Central Board: Francisco Blázquez Mayoral
Member of Central Board: Blas Insa Pla
Vocals: Mari Carmen Vicedo Martínez, Magda Belda Silvestre, Agustin Doménech Ferre, Juan Antonio Vicedo Pastor, David Beneyto Gisbert, Pau Francés Tormo i Blas Santamaría Soriano.