Filà de Marrocs

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WEB: www.marrocs.com

MASET: C. Azorin, 36

CAPTAIN 2013: 
Teresa Puerto Sempere




Depending describes some of these people were at parties Villena and returned with enthusiasm, infecting their friends and encouraging them to band together and form a new filá. During the course of the years 1860 to 1868, the year that takes the row category by the name of "Moroccan" was not easy to take an active part in our celebrations, due to limited resources and weak organization. It is unknown the exact number of members at the time of its founding. The origin of the dress was a copy of the Morocco Comparsa de Villena, although over the years has undergone changes.

Row stopped taking an active part in the festival in 1873 without being able to know for certain motifs, but it was 1881, when he resumed his activity. Clear testimony of its operation, is the note of the date of January 31, 1881, appropriated by the administrator of the hospital "for the raffle for Moroccans 425", data taken from the book of the soldiery, YI CHRISTIAN D. MOORS Fco Vañó Silvestre (p. 75).

It is from this date when making row category, being present every year in our party. Note that the first decade of this century, there were years when the number of components did not exceed the dozen



President: Javier Cantó Vañó
Vice President: Teresa Sanchís Molina
Secretary: Xavi Pascual i Soler
Treasurer: Eduard Blasco Vañó
Vice Treasurer: Blas Vicedo Vañó
Member of Central Board: Toni Puerto Peidro
Member of Central Board: Mª Ángeles Asensio Baldó
- Clothing: Elena Bernabeu Calatayud
- Music: Joan Castelló Cantó
- Archive: Antonio Vañó Cabanes
- Maset: Benjamín Álvarez Antolí
- Lottery: Laila Molina Huerta
- Arming: José Antonio Cantó Vañó