Filá Mosqueters



FOUNDED: Before 1859
MASET: Baixada St.Crist, 6

Paula Santos Lama 





Data from the founding of the filá is immemorial, because historians of the seventeenth century, and following the ancient Feast of the soldiery, and indicate that there are three companies fomadas by "musketeers, pikemen and musketeers."

In Spain, the split between absolutists and liberals took place about 1819, but most were liberal Bocairent until 1823, rising from there the "realists" in favor of absolutism, while the death of Fernando VII in 1833, Carlist made. Since then the soldiers going to have four companies, two Liberals, Tomasina and Moros Viejos, equivalent to "radical" and "moderates" and two other absolutists, Vizcaino and Musketeers, or "Carlins" and "servils."

In 1859 it was agreed that the Feast of the soldiers happened to demonimarse Moors and Crisitianos. Existing filaes were preserved, which fought two against two in the "Alardo of soldiers."

This filá does not shoot with musket like the others, but with musket viniéndole hence the name of Musketeers. Older than the musket to save the filá can be read "Year 1860 - Camilo Molina," and another is written "Comparsa de Musketeers in 1864."

The filá was originally in Christian side as they remember the images of San Blas embroidered on the layers of your captain and lieutenant, but both sides emerge in 1860 and will include the latest, following the tradition that the Musketeers shot behind the musketeers and the expressed desire of the members of their rank, stood in the Moro Bando and came to represent the heretics in Europe, the French Huguenots and Protestants of the Netherlands, though their clothing or even indicate that they are "Christians."



President: Mª Isabel Vañó Vañó
Vice President: Juan Vañó Botella
Secretary: Maite Doménech Botella
Treasurer: Mª Angeles Llorca Silvestre
Vice Treasurer:
Enrique Llorca Silvestre
Member of Central Board: Mati Ferre Sanvictor
Member of Central Board: Luis Beneyto Galiana
Vocals: Juan Molina Martínez, Mila Ortega Vázquez, Pedro García Ferre, Pilar Silvestre Vañó, Blas Ferre Jornet