Biography of Sant Blai

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sant_blaiWho was Sant Blai

Sant Blai was a bishop of Sebaste in Armenia (now Sivas, Turkey), who made life as a hermit in a cave on the Mount Argeus. Apparently he was a doctor, although this may be more related to the miracle that made her profession. The miracle that saved a child from drowning by a spine that had stuck in his throat. Hence the fame comes to San Blas as a remedy for all ills throat. According to legend, sick animals also approached him to be healed, but did not mind for prayer time.

But although this is his most famous, fame comes at Santo for another reason: their way to die. He died at the beginning of the fourth century (year 316), under the persecution of Licinius ...

When persecution of Agricola, governor of Cappadocia, the Christians came to Sebaste, the hunters went in search of animals for games Argeus sand forest and found many waiting outside the cave of San Blas. There enconraron San Blas in prayer and arrested him. Agricultural tried unsuccessfully to become.

During his stay in prison, sant Blas healed several prisoners. Finally he was thrown into a lake. San Bla, standing on the surface, he invited his persecutors to walk on water and demonstrate the power of their gods. But drowned. When he returned to shore, was tortured and beheaded. It is the man when he raises refined forms of killing his imaginacón has no limit and that is, it seems, was martyred in rajarlo Blas with a utensil of iron, which used to card wool. So might some carders guild have it as standard.

The fact is that his cult spread rapidly through Europe and the East during the Crusades, his remains were scattered throughout Europe (the relic of Bocairent, came to town on April 19, 1704) and the devotion spread through many miraculous cures, especially of sore throat. So we have our Patron San Blas in the Reset of many churches, the blessing of bread, with a cord around his neck, in remembrance of that Blas is the best in the world at the time of healing throats.